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About Us

"Your mind is like a plant, if you plant a seed in it, it will grow into a big idea"


At Las Vegas Backyards we take pride in the overall experience we provide every one of our customers!  We specialize in design concepts and execution of the projects that change your spaces to true... Las Vegas Backyards! Las Vegas Backyards is a daughter company of Jerezee Construction, and we take pride in our ability to withhold high standards for the customer's experience! 

Our team of professionals will help guide and assist you from the very "seedlings" of your visions all the way through to the moment your yard has changed from a dull or empty space to a flourishing flower fiesta!  All of the choices, sources, information and knowledge will be handed to you as your project manager will walk you through all of the design and plant selection needed for your project to come alive

Las Vegas Backyards operates under Jerezee Construction and holds a general contracting license in the state of NV.  The company is bonded and insured and goes to every extent necessary to make sure our employees, laborers, and customers are all protected and safe!  We look forward to answering any and all of your questions!  For questions, or enquiries please Write Us.



It's important to know what other customers have thought about working with our company!  Design/Landscaping/Hardscaping and Construction in general is stressful, and presents many challenges that everyday customers are not familiar with.  Having the know-how, the sources, and the years of experience allows us to provide solutions that are creative and cost effective for you to enjoy! 

Las Vegas Backyards is one of the Las Vegas Valley's Highest Rated companies.  We encourage our customers to check our reviews across the board on various platforms!

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